Carrie Ruud for Senate District 10 - WE WON!



Carrie Ruud Needs Your Support
Strong Support for Veterans
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Dallas Smith - Atikin

Carrie's Primary Focus: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

  • Incentivise new economic opportunity by lowering taxes on hardworking small businesses that create new jobs for Minnesota worksers.

  • Repeal the 30% Statewide Business Tax enabling local businesses to allocate more money to new job creation in Minnesota.

  • Build a business friendly environment to make Minnesota more attractive to companies and industries to relocate to our communities.

  • By creating a strong business climate, we will allow existing business to grow and expand here in Minnesota.

  • As a small business owner I have learned to live within my means, to make difficult decisions, to be creative and innovative. We should ask nothing less from our government.

  • Tourism accounts for 10% of all jobs in our state. With 820 lakes and well over 100 miles of the Mighty Mississippi in District 10 we need to make sure the State of Minnesota understands how vital this is to our economy.

Carrie is a Strong Voice for the Outdoors and a Member of:

  • National Rifle Association

  • Ducks Unlimited

  • Pheasants Forever

  • Minnesota Deer Hunters Association

  • Pelican Lake Conservation Club

  • Pelican Lake Association

  • Asian Carp Task Force


Vote for Carrie Ruud in November!